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Our values, our members, our activities

Who we are

Established in 1993, Triathlon Club Nireas is the oldest Triathlon club in Cyprus and a founding member of the Cyprus Triathlon Federation. We promote health, well being and active living.  Under guidance of a professional coach, our members train for, and compete in national and international races of their choice, in sports of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, running and cycling.

Since the very beginning, the club was set to be a very multicultural, open-minded community and we continue to embrace and embody this diversity.

Whether you are new to triathlon or are an experienced athlete, you are welcome to start your triathlon training in Nicosia, Cyprus with Triathlon Club Nireas.

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Triathlon Training


You can swim with the club at the 50 meter Municipal Swimming Pool of Nicosia (Cyprus) up to 5 times per week. The program is beneficial for health, improves your stamina and prepares for triathlon competitions.


The club’s cycling group meets on Sundays, covering on average 50 to 80 km. The team usually starts from Lakatamia and cycles along beautiful routes in the areas of Machairas, Lithrodontas, Mitsero, Stavrovouni and other locations in Cyprus. 


The weekly running program includes 2 track sessions with intervals and 1 long run. The program is flexible for anyone to follow according to their current level of performance.

Social Training Events

From time to time we organize training weekends as well as other social events, aimed at socializing, training and sharing knowledge and experiences. 

Racing Events

By combining the training experiences of pool and open-water swims, mountain rides, interval and long runs, together with nutrition, equipment, mental stamina and psychology, we train for general fitness, physical and mental wellness and to race at local and international competitive events, like those organized by the Cyprus, European and International Triathlon Federations, IRONMAN and Challenge Family. 

January 2019: the Cycling Team stops at the Klirou Dam, Cyprus

Administrative Commitee

According to our constitution, the Board is comprised of at least 5 members. The members are elected on an annual meeting in December each year.

 Position Name Surname
Communications & Social OfficerPavelKozlov

Triathlon Club Nireas is a non-profit organization registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs under registration number 1439. We are the oldest Cyprus Triathlon Club operating in Nicosia since 26th April 1994. Read our constitution to find our more about club’s goals and objectives.
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