How to join us

Membership options

Annual Membership Fee – 20 Euro. 

Monthly training charges depend on your preferred training plan. 

Payments are done via Paypal Service (you can use any credit card or pay from PayPal Balance). 


Run + Bike
20Eur Monthly
  • Training Program
  • 2 Running Sessions
  • Group Cycling Session
  • No Swimming
  • Racing Events
  • Facebook and WhatsApp access


Swim + Bike + Run
35Eur Monthly
  • Training Program
  • 2 Running Sessions
  • Group Cycling Session
  • 5 Swimming Sessions per week
  • Racing events
  • Facebook and WhatsApp access
  • Strength Session
Best Value


12 Swimming Sessions
60Eur Valid for 90 days
  • 12 coupons for swimming,
    valid for 90 days

Start with a free trial week

We encourage new members to start with a trial week first, where you can attend any number of activities. Whenever you are ready, you need let us know via chat or email and bring with you a signed Waiver of Liability

Your 1st week of training
is FREE.

We get it, starting something new is always a challenge. That is why we offer a trial week, completely free of charge, to help you decide if our training program resonates with you.  

Come for any number of sessions within one week, meet our members and make your own choice. 

You only need to bring a signed Waiver at the first training and let us know when do you want to start.

Start your trial by filling out the following form:

To validate that you are a real person and not a robot, please fill out the field below. (We don't like training with robots, because in triathlon they beak faster than real athletes!)

How to register with Triathlon club Nireas

In order to complete your registration, please send by email:

Once your application is processed, we will send you login details where you will be able to complete the payment. 

Health and other Certificates

If you are considering participating in the National Triathlon Championships, it is obligatory to obtain ASYA Health Certificate. The application form can be downloaded here, and more information on all required documentation can be found in this document.

If you need a recommendation of a doctor who can issue such health certificate, please contact us for more information (members only).

For national events you may need to fill out the Cyprus Triathlon Federation Application Form.

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