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Triathlon is not a sport it is a way of living 

Nireas Triathlon started 20 years ago with a small group of passionate athletes who set out with the aim of making Nireas the first point of reference for the sport in Cyprus. The first races attracted small numbers of athlete enthusiasts that wanted to enjoy their sport in their home country at a time when triathlon was relatively unknown in Cyprus and abroad.
Nireas Triathlon now offers a series of quality races attracting hundreds of athletes including some of the sport’s top names. Nireas Club aspires to create a community of triathletes by offering quality training and providing key information about triathlon and related areas. Nireas wants to help people become forever changed, physically and socially.
People enter triathlon looking for an exciting new challenge and by taking on the challenge discover a new lifestyle. We train to race. To race we need to consider not just fitness but also nutrition, equipment, mental stamina, psychology. We race to train. The training experiences of open water swims, mountain rides and runs in the country add new aspects to our lives unlike single discipline sports.
Where do we get our name?
In Greek mythology, Nireas was the eldest son of Pontus (the Sea) and Gaia (the Earth), who with Doris fathered the Nereids and Nerites, with whom Nereus lived in the Aegean Sea.


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Board Members

 Position  Name  Surname
 President  Constantinos   Neophytou
 Secretary  Antonia  Ntai
 Treasurer  Michael  Johnson
 Sports Officer  Demetres  Evagorou
 Member  Michalis  Efstratiades
 Member  Pavel  Kozlov


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 Carmen Macheriotou  carmenitam@gmail.com  97610217