How to Register

Membership fees

Club members pay an Annual Membership Fee (once per year) and a Monthly Training Fee (every month).

Annual Fees

The annual membership fee:

  • 25 Eur September – July
  • 15 Eur February – July (if you are joining February onwards) 

Session Fees

1) The standard membership fee is 40 Eur per month and it includes:

  • Swimming – as per the current schedule. The swimming sessions are coached by one of the most known swimming coaches in Cyprus who brought up generations of swimmers – Vasilis Scouridis. The program is designed to prepare athletes for triathlon races, be able to join other members for  long sea swims and take part in swimming competitions.
  • Access to the cycling group with possibility to arrange group rides with other members
  • Option to join running group (at extra cost, see below).

Swimming Session Vouchers

Members who can not attend regularly may request an option to pay for their swimming sessions with coupon vouchers at the cost of 70 Eur bundle for 8 sessions, valid for 3 months.

Running Program

In 2022-2023 season, the club started cooperation with Teamforis (Chrystoforos Protopapas) – a well known athlete and a running coach. The program offers:

  • An individual program for each athlete that targets their specific performance goals in running and triathlon.
  • Up to 4 running/strength sessions per week (at any convenient days Monday-Thursday) at the Strovolos track. Strength sessions can help athletes to ease into sport, prevent injuries and achieve better performance overall in all sports. 
  • Possibility to be paired up with other runners for long runs on weekends.
  • Support during selective running events.

Part of the running fees will be sponsored by the club, while members will be required to pay extra 20 Eur per month in addition to the monthly club training fees for attending this program.

Members sponsored by the club in the running program are required to have a health card and to be willing to represent the club at various triathlon competitions throughout the year (particularly those organised by the Cyprus Triathlon Federation). 

Schedule/Fee Disclaimer:

The Club reserves the right to adjust the schedule and the fees based on participation of the members, cost and availability of training facilities.

How to register with Triathlon Club Nireas

In order to register:

1) Please submit the online questionnaire to help us understand your goals and fitness level.

2) We will review the questionnaire and send you the application form and a waiver of liability to be returned.

3) Once you return the application forms we will schedule the time for your first swim.

4) During the trial swim the coach will verify that your swimming level meets the minimum required standard.  In some cases the club can request a member to swim on specific days when there is more space available for members swimming at a slower pace.

5) After your trial swim your membership will be confirmed and you will receive login credentials to the member area where you can pay the due fees.  Your membership will commence from the first session at the pool or the track.

6) Within 2 months of your membership you will be required to obtain the ASYA health card from KOA.

To start, please fill in the online questionnaire. Thank you. 

ASYA Health Certificate

It is obligatory for all members to have a valid ASYA Health Certificate issued by KOA (Cyprus Sports Organisation). Additional information on how to obtain the certificate will be provided on request. 

If you need a recommendation of a doctor who can issue such health certificate, please contact us for more information (members only).

Triathlon Club Nireas is a non-profit organization registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs under registration number 1439. We are the oldest Cyprus Triathlon Club operating in Nicosia since 26th April 1994. Read our constitution to find our more about club’s goals and objectives.

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