Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee oversees the daily operations of the Club, including coordinating training facilities, establishing training schedules, addressing regulatory matters, planning social events, managing new registrations, liaising with the Cyprus Triathlon Federation and KOA, financial matters, promoting sporting events, and fulfilling other related responsibilities.

During the Club’s Annual General Meeting, members are elected to serve on the Administrative Committee for a period of two years. The Constitution mandates that this committee must include at least five members, each fulfilling critical positions within the Club’s leadership structure.

As of January 13, 2024, the most recent election held at the Annual General Meeting has resulted in the formation of an Administrative Committee made up of the following individuals:

Andrey PolyakovPresident
Gabriela HerzingerSecretary
Michael JohnsonTreasurer
Darina SavchenkoSports Director
Pavel KozlovSocial & Communications Officer
Georgios FloridesMember

In accordance with the constitution, Committee members are not compensated for their contributions. Nevertheless, the personal fulfillment and satisfaction that come from leading and witnessing the Club’s progress offer their own unique rewards.

Should any existing member have an interest in joining the Committee or wish to offer particular skills or expertise, they are encouraged to reach out to any of the individuals on the aforementioned list via WhatsApp or through a direct conversation.