Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee oversees the daily operations of the Club, including coordinating training facilities, establishing training schedules, addressing regulatory matters, planning social events, managing new registrations, liaising with the Cyprus Triathlon Federation and KOA, promoting sporting events, and fulfilling other related responsibilities.

Members of the Administrative Committee are elected during the Club’s general meeting and serve a two-year term. As stipulated by the Constitution, the committee comprises a minimum of five members who occupy essential roles in the Club’s management.

The present Administrative Committee of the Club includes the following members:

Andrey PolyakovPresident
Darina SavchenkoSports Director
Pavel KozlovSocial & Communications Officer
Michael JohnsonTreasury
Gabriela HerzingerSecretary
Konstantina PapastephanouMember
George FloridesMember

If any current member wants to join the Committee or is willing to contribute specific skills or knowledge, please feel free to contact anyone on the above list in WhatsApp or in person.