WhatsApp groups communication guidelines

WhatsApp groups help our members to coordinate sports activities, share related images and promote interaction between the members of the Club.

For example, we use WhatsApp groups to schedule the upcoming Cycling trips, announce swimming schedule changes, talk about the upcoming races and share photos from the group activities.

The following groups are available to all paid members of the Club:

  1. Sunday Cycling (WhatsApp)
  2. Nireas Swimming (WhatsApp)
  3. Nireas Running (WhatsApp)
  4. NireasTRI Social (WhatsApp)
  5. Triathlon Club Nireas (Facebook closed group)

Club’s Whatsapp group moderator is Pavel Kozlov, feel free to reach out to him to add you to any of the groups. 

Using these groups should be a pleasant experience for everyone.  You don’t have to participate in any of them, but if you choose to, please follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Please use the groups according to their topics. For example, swimming messages to be posted in Nireas Swimming group, etc. For messages not relevant to the subject of the group, please use NireasTRI Social group, created for all other topics.
  2. Mobile keyboard is prone to silly typos, we’ve all been there. So please compose and spellcheck the entire message before sending. It is more pleasant to read without typos.
  3. Compile text in one message to avoid multiple alerts for the entire group.
  4. Please avoid food images if they were not taken during Club’s group activity. Even it was the meal of your life, you don’t need to share it with the group!
  5. We are a Sports Club with multicultural backgrounds, history and interests, so please be considerate.  Refrain from images, videos or jokes that may be considered by others as violent, sexist, racist or insulting in any other way.
  6. If you are replying to one person, please use a reply button. If you need to address one person only – consider sending your message privately. If you want to ask a question to a specific person but for all to see, use the @name function to let that person know.
  7. Don’t use groups for personal arguments.
  8. Avoid posting promotions of your personal events or business, unless you talk about it with the board beforehand.
  9. When addressing a coach, please remember that the word ‘COACH’ is with OA and not OU, as misspelling completely changes the meaning of the word 🙂

If you feel that content is not in line with the above guidelines, please let the group administrator know. 

If there are many alerts or you are on vacation – feel free to snooze any particular group.  If a group is no longer relevant to you – feel free to leave it.

In case if any content is qualified as not permissible, the group moderator will contact the author asking to remove the post for everyone. In case if such content continues to be posted, the club reserves the right to remove the author from the respective group(s), although we really hope this should never happen.

We hope that our members will have a positive experience of using the groups as a part of their training journey with Triathlon Club Nireas.